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About RED - Guild Wars 2
Spys Sappin Mah Guild Name [RED] is a large active Guild Wars 2 social global guild.

RED excels at the following:
  • Guild Missions
  • Dungeons and Fractals

We are a fun, family-friendly, helpful guild with new and seasoned players to the Guild Wars franchise. We have a TeamSpeak 3 server for voice communication. We welcome all friendly and active players to our guild.

We do require guild members to keep chat PG-13ish and ONLY represent our guild.
rkrixiun / Jan 08, 2015
So, I have taken over as leader of RED. Please understand that many things will stay the same, however, as I am only one person, any changes will go slow without help.

Please feel free to contact me either here or in game for application to any position or with any questions regarding such. I will consider everyone.

Tetisuko / Nov 11, 2014
Dear Members of RED,

It has been an honor to be a part of RED for the past 2 years and to have been your guild leader for the past few months. RED has been a great community where I met Friends and had really fun times.
But great things too come to an end sometimes. A lot of friends have moved on, to other servers, other guilds, other games, and other responsibilities in real life. Ever since the megaservers started we have been having troubles keeping the guild.
Now I’m starting a new chapter in my life trying to start my doctorate degree and will not have time to keep my functions as guild leader. After talking with the other officers and past leaders, it’s with a heavy heart that we came to the decision to end the guild.
The guild itself will not be deleted because it’s not mine to do so, and I’ll not kick anyone out, but I’ll be moving on, and it will be leaderless.

It was great knowing you all
Good adventures,
Tetisuko / Oct 13, 2014
Hello RED!
After some time of adjustment, where we had some big changes in our guild, here we are to get it on and working! It is big, but please read it all!

As most of you know by Talas last update ( Prae has stepped down as a leader and some friends have changed guilds. And after some discussion it was decided that it was me, Tetisuko, who is going to be stepping up as the new RED Heavy Moo. Hope you all can help me and we can keep this great group growing!

For those new members, aside from the position of leader we also have our dear Lead Officers, Kristen and Priceless, that will be helping with the organization of the guild. And our Officers, among others we have Waster, Grimm, Aminon and Pixie, that will be helping with events and any support they can give, so, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us out.
I would also like to introduce my wife, Tsuka, as a new officer, she will be focusing on organizing special contests and activities inside and out of the game, so keep your eyes open for new stuff!

New position: Become a RECRUITER!

Since we had some friends moving on, we are also in a great quest to recruit new friends! So, I'm here to announce we are opening the position of RECRUITER. If you are interested please send a message to me (Tetisuko.8796) or Kristen (Kristen.6475) !
There will be special rewards for our Recruiters! Tsuka will be offering some special drawings of one of your characters as reward for good work. We are expecting that a Recruiter will be able to recruit 4 new member per week. So, if you can keep it up with it for a month you will be getting the prize.
Example of the prize:


As we all know RED request that you represent it ALL THE TIME, but some people don't understand why. Also this topic if for the new people in the game, so you can understand more what representing a guild means.

RED is here to be a friendly community, we do not want to rule the world with power, but to be a place where you can meet friends, ask for help, share experiences and be part of something nice.
When you represent a guild you generate INFLUENCE for it. Influence help with upgrades (we are at maximum upgrades at the moment!!) and allow us to generate guild events and missions! It also allow us to activate special buffs that will affect everyone that is representing.
When you participate on guild events and mission you will receive COMENDATIONS that you can use to buy special items as ascended accessories and guild skins for weapons!
So, the more you represent, the more you will be giving your guild influence so you can enjoy the special events and buffs.

How do you get influence?

Just by logging in with a representing character you are generating influence. But the best way is: PARTY UP and go participate on events and dungeons! So that you can have a idea, when you complete a dungeon "alone"(without other guild members) you will generate only 10 influence points to the guild, but if you complete a dungeon with three or more guild members you generate 100 influence points! So, call out your guild friend to participate on some events with you, if you intent to go on a dungeon announce on guild chat so we can try to make it together! \o/
Let's party up, represent and play with friends, so our experience on the game surely will be better!
(You can see all way to get influence here: )

The guild bank's contents are for you. Officers will limit things at their discretion so one person don't take everything, but if there's anything you need from there, just ask. For example, if you need 15 or 18 slot bags, we make them every month to hand out to members.

We are trying to get back some activities going, as jumping puzzles day, screenshot contests and others. But it can only work with the participation of our members! So, please keep an eye open for our new activities, they will be announced here (please check out our calendar and try to attend ) and also on guild chat from time to time.
USE OUR SITE AND FORUM , We are always open for suggestions and questions, so please don't hesitate to go on and say what you want! We are here to help and enjoy!
We also have a group on Facebook! Come chat with us:

Whether you are participating in WvW, PvE, or guild events, TeamSpeak is an invaluable tool. Our TS server is TS is basically required for most events - however you do NOT need a microphone. It is absolutely a blast to be coordinating with everyone. If you have any questions on how to download, install, or set up TeamSpeak, please post on the forums.

That's all folks! PARTY UP and HAVE FUN!
Talas Kaidan / Aug 16, 2014
You may have noticed that we lost a large group of people. Svid gave a heads up to Prea informing him of his choice to to leave RED. He wanted to belong to a WvW centered guild. Arvin and Ally have also chosen to leave RED for similar reasons. As a result a large portion of our hardline WvW members choose to leave RED to join other guilds. We completely understand our philosophy of a casual guild does not work for everyone and wish them the best. May they have fun in terrorizing WvW enemies and yaks!!!

Since the loss of our WvW leaders Prae has chosen to step down as Leader of RED. He has temporarily put in charge Tetisuko, Kristen, and myself. Due to difficult times occurring in my family I will be stepping down as an officer though I will be helping during this transitional phase. Tetisuko and Kristen will be discussing the leadership of RED once Kristen comes back from her vacation.

We have switched leaders several times and RED has continued to be strong due to our member’s commitment. We will keep you up-to-date on the future of RED and will try to schedule a guild meeting within the next week. For those interested in stepping up to help RED please let us know!!! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask Tetisuko, Talas Kaiden, or Kristen. Please note Kristen is currently out of town and will be unable to respond till she is home.
Prae Tor / Aug 05, 2014
Greetings, esteemed members of RED.
This edition of the newsletter covers a lot of details. By reading this, you'll have all the knowledge you need to make RED work best for you. Please read it and make sure your friends read it, too!

Lion's Arch, pre-Breachmaker

Promotions and Open Officer Positions
  • Arvin has been promoted to Lead Officer. Arvin has put in tremendous of work for RED. Under him and Svidangit, RED is one of the strongest WvW guilds on Devona's Rest.
  • Pixie Snow has been promoted to Officer - this promotion happened quite a while ago, but didn't get a shout-out.
  • Riivinz has been promoted to Commander - this promotion also happened quite a while ago, but didn't get a shout-out.

RED is currently seeking people to learn how to run guild missions, so we have backup when people are busy. If you are interested, you need to show up to Wednesday guild events, at 8:30PM EST. Get in touch with Praettor beforehand. RED is also seeking to fill three new officer positions within the guild. Get in touch with any Lead Officer (Tetisuko, Kristen Wave, Svidangit, X Arvin, Talas Kaidan, or Aeonfluxx) for info.

RED is on Facebook! Come chat with us -

Guild Lottery
Enter to win the big shiny! The guild lottery is now on, with a pot currently over 60 gold! Tickets cost 10s each and you may buy as many as you want. Send in-game mail to Talas.7492 with “Lottery” in subject line, provide your account name with numbers and money attached. First place gets half of the pot, second place gets 10%, and third place gets 5%.

Hurry though, the lottery ends August 29th at 8AM EST. Please be aware that winners must claim prizes within 10 days. Good luck!

Screenshot Contest
The fourth wave of the screenshot contest is upon us! We've had some fabulous entries in contests past. We have only a single entry in #4 so far. Come enter for your chance to win a bit of gold and a lot of glory! You can find details here.

Server Events
In addition to events that are on the RED calendar (which can be found here), you can find server-wide events on the website, here. Please note that you will need to create an account on to view the events, just like you did here on

Guild Bank Resources
The guild bank's contents are for you. Officers will limit things at their discretion so one person don't take everything, but if there's anything you need from there, just ask. For example, if you need 15 or 18 slot bags, we make them every month to hand out to members.

RED Ranks: Review and Drawing #1
Read below for a review of the RED ranks. In addition, we had our first drawing among the Raiders and Crimson Raiders, with 25g going to Nick Nackk!.

Many people have worked hard within RED to show dedication. To reward them, we have restructured our ranks. Newly introduced are Raider and Crimson Raider. Crimson Raider and Raider qualify for a monthly 25g drawing. To move up from Soldier/Dignitary to Raider/Crimson Raider, you have to do a few things:
  • Participate in guild things: WvW, Guild Missions, Dungeon/FOTM Runs with at least 2 other RED members, Screenshot Contest, Guild Lottery, etc.
  • Mark yourself as attending on events on the calendar. You can go back through old events if you want. We will review the numbers weekly to promote people.
  • Talk to Telonnious. Tel is responsible for promoting people as appropriate. If he misses you, don't take it personally (there are somewhere around 425 people he's managing).

  • Heavy Historic owners and creators of RED. No effective powers.
  • Heavy Moo Guild Leaders of RED. Moozilla (Summer 2012 - Fall 2013) was the leader of RED for a long time, along with Illusionary Ally (Winter 2012 - Spring 2013) and Kiso Earthraven (January 2013 - Fall 2013). Prae Tor is the current leader (Fall 2013 - present) along with, unofficially, Talas Kaidan (Fall 2013 - present). The only way to become guild leader is to be promoted at the discretion of the current leader.
  • Lead Officer Leadership council of RED. These people live and breathe RED. The primary responsibility of Lead Officers is to find and promote people to officer position. Additionally, leadership convenes to decide on new directions, events, and rule changes within RED. The only way to become Lead Officer is to be promoted at the discretion of existing Lead Officers and Guild Leaders. Trusted with upper access to the bank.
  • Officer The driving force behind RED. Officers recruit, host events, provide bank access, and generally assist members within the guild. To become an officer, simply ask. You should be an active member within RED, social in chat and in guild events / WvW. You should have a desire to put in work to help the guild. Generally speaking, most people who have been in the guild for a couple months that show some initiative to become an officer will be given a chance. Trusted with lower access to the bank.
  • Commander No official officer responsibilities. Someone who loves leading in-game but does not have current interest in officership. Can claim in WvW. Can recruit, but no expectation. Does *something* for the guild or server. Requires a sigil. Trusted with lower access to the bank.
  • Crimson Raider The most active and consistent attendees of events. Crimson Raiders have been in the guild for at least 6 months and have been to about 50 or more events. Trusted with lower access to the bank.
  • Raider Active, regular attendees of events. Raiders have been in the guild for at least 1 month and have been to about 10 events.
  • Soldier Base rank for all RED members who live on Devona's Rest.
  • Dignitary Base rank for all RED members are not from Devona's Rest.
  • Ambassador Members from other guilds with which we have an alliance. Can rep RED as desired to join in our events. To become an ambassador, inquiry with any Officer.

Deep within the crypts

Whether you are participating in WvW, PvE, or guild events, TeamSpeak is an invaluable tool. Our TS server is and we frequently use TS is basically required for most events - however you do NOT need a microphone. It is absolutely a blast to be coordinating with everyone. If you have any questions on how to download, install, or set up TeamSpeak, please post on the forums.

Inactive Members
We remove our inactive members periodically. To remain active, you need to sign in at least once every 6 weeks. This way you will not be considered inactive and removed from the roster. If you should happen to be removed for inactivity, and you have returned to playing again, you are always welcome back to RED. Simply contact an officer who will get you an invite back into the guild.

Have ideas?
Guildies - share ideas for what you’d like to see. Please reply to this post if there is anything RED can do for you!.

Need answers?
Please be aware when you post questions in guild chat and get no response that you are not being ignored. Some guildies might be deep in the bowels of a dungeon or subduing dragons and may not see your post. Officers may not be available due to babies, deadlines, relocations, stall mucking and hangovers. You can post your question in the forums, or you can send in-game mail to Prae Tor, or Talas Kaidan and we can route it to the proper person if need be.

Good hunting!
- Praettor, with screenshots cropped from this reddit thread.

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