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About RED - Guild Wars 2, Devona's Rest
Spys Sappin Mah Guild Name [RED] is a large active Guild Wars 2 social guild located on the Devona’s Rest server.

RED excels at the following:
  • WvW
  • Guild Missions
  • Leading server-wide events
  • Dungeons and Fractals

We are a fun, family-friendly, helpful guild with new and seasoned players to the Guild Wars franchise. We have a TeamSpeak 3 server for voice communication. We welcome all friendly and active players to our guild.

We do require guild members to keep chat PG-13 and ONLY represent our guild. You can be on any server, though if you are not on Devona's Rest, after about a month or so of time with RED, it is expected that you will consider transferring. If there is absolutely no long term goal to transfer to DR, then we may not be the guild for you.
by Prae Tor on Jul 29, 2014 at 10:12 AM
Guild Lottery
Enter to win the big shiny! The guild lottery is now on! Tickets cost 10s each and you may buy as many as you want. Send in-game mail to Praettor with “Lottery” in subject line, provide your account name with numbers and money attached.

First place gets half of the pot, second place gets 10%, and third place gets 5%. Hurry though, the lottery ends August 29th at 8AM EST. Please be aware that winners must claim prizes within 10 days. Good luck!

Screenshot Contest
The fourth screenshot contest is upon us! Enter your screenshots until August 22nd here:

by Prae Tor on Jul 23, 2014 at 10:12 PM
Come join our Facebook group!

You can see pictures of tonight's Guild Missions 'afterparty'
by Prae Tor on Jul 22, 2014 at 09:53 AM

The next installment of the Living Story comes July 29th!
by Prae Tor on Jul 21, 2014 at 08:54 AM
We discussed the following

  • We will use the Devona's Rest Server TeamSpeak, with address, instead of our guild TS. This will improve guild visibility.
  • Please jump in when people ask to do dungeons, fractals, etc. The way we can build a better PvE culture is to get more people to participate. The bottom line is that right now, we have plenty of times every week when people ask 'Does anyone want to do ____' and there are 50 people online but no response.
  • We didn't make any changes to the PG13 rule, but keep in mind that it's 'PG13-ish', and we are moving towards a state where we don't want to have rough language but certainly aren't going to come down on anyone for throwing a swear word out every now and again.
by Prae Tor on Jul 17, 2014 at 08:17 AM
Don't forget to attend Friday's guild meeting at 8:00PM EST, where we'll discuss the following

  • TeamSpeak Migration
  • Building a better PvE culture
  • Possibly revisiting the PG13 rule and how it's enforced
  • Anything that concerns you!

Officers, please be online and in TeamSpeak ( at 7:30 EST.
by telonnious on Jul 16, 2014 at 09:20 AM
With DR being in silver now and the competition being stepped up red intro is going to be moved to sundays at noon eastern. 930-10:00 pm on wed nights just isn't going to work with the level of fighting that is currently happening. There will be an event on sundays on the calendar from now on to sign up for. Hope to see all of those who are interested in learning wvw to sign up.

by Prae Tor on Jul 11, 2014 at 07:46 AM
There will be a guild meeting at 5PM PST, 8PM EST on Friday 7/18/14. Officers, please be online a half hour before then. The meeting will end at 9PM EST or, if we have nothing to discuss, earlier.

We will use the RED channel in for this meeting.
by Prae Tor on Jun 30, 2014 at 08:20 PM

Geldyr's cat disapproves.
Greetings, esteemed members of RED.
In this issue of the newsletter, you'll read about new RED ranks and who was victorious in our screenshot contest!

Promotions and Open Officer Positions
  • Grimorum Blazemane has been promoted to Officer
  • Sweetheart and her two Mesmers have been promoted to Officer
  • Aurena Navarian (Kayla) has been promoted to Commander
  • Kaliwen Dusk has been promoted to Commander

The caliber of leadership and quality of work that each of these persons put in is superb. Please, RED members, give them a congratulation and salutation when you see them in-game. RED is still seeking Commanders and Officers. If you are interested in stepping up, simply put your name in with any Officer or above.

RED is on Facebook! Come chat with us -

Screenshot Contest
Congratulations to Izabella Valdaine, who won our screenshot contest with her shocking Elementalist! Etaluia's naked zerg, Geldyr's angry cat, and Vyo's death stare in CoF tied for second place. Third place was also a tie between Tetisuko's BobbleTeq and Vyo's sideways Mesmer. Rewards will be sent out soon!

Left to Right: Izabella's Elementalist, Etaluia's Naked Zerg, Tetisuko's BobbleTeq.

RED Ranks
Many people have worked hard within RED to show dedication. To reward them, we have restructured our ranks. Newly introduced are Raider and Crimson Raider. Crimson Raider and Raider qualify for a monthly 25g drawing. To move up from Soldier/Dignitary to Raider/Crimson Raider, you have to do a few things:
  • Participate in guild things: WvW, Guild Missions, Dungeon/FOTM Runs with at least 2 other RED members, Screenshot Contest, Guild Lottery, etc.
  • Mark yourself as attending on events on the calendar. You can go back through old events if you want. We will review the numbers weekly to promote people.
  • Talk to Telonnious. Tel is responsible for promoting people as appropriate. If he misses you, don't take it personally (there are somewhere around 425 people he's managing).

A spooky Vyo, staring into your soul.
A complete breakdown of RED ranks is as follows:
  • Heavy Historic owners and creators of RED. No effective powers.
  • Heavy Moo Guild Leaders of RED. Moozilla (Summer 2012 - Fall 2013) was the leader of RED for a long time, along with Illusionary Ally (Winter 2012 - Spring 2013) and Kiso Earthraven (January 2013 - Fall 2013). Prae Tor is the current leader (Fall 2013 - present) along with, unofficially, Talas Kaidan (Fall 2013 - present). The only way to become guild leader is to be promoted at the discretion of the current leader.
  • Lead Officer Leadership council of RED. These people live and breathe RED. The primary responsibility of Lead Officers is to find and promote people to officer position. Additionally, leadership convenes to decide on new directions, events, and rule changes within RED. The only way to become Lead Officer is to be promoted at the discretion of existing Lead Officers and Guild Leaders. Trusted with upper access to the bank.
  • Officer The driving force behind RED. Officers recruit, host events, provide bank access, and generally assist members within the guild. To become an officer, simply ask. You should be an active member within RED, social in chat and in guild events / WvW. You should have a desire to put in work to help the guild. Generally speaking, most people who have been in the guild for a couple months that show some initiative to become an officer will be given a chance. Trusted with lower access to the bank.
  • Commander No official officer responsibilities. Someone who loves leading in-game but does not have current interest in officership. Can claim in WvW. Can recruit, but no expectation. Does *something* for the guild or server. Requires a sigil. Trusted with lower access to the bank.
  • Crimson Raider The most active and consistent attendees of events. Crimson Raiders have been in the guild for at least 6 months and have been to about 50 or more events. Trusted with lower access to the bank.
  • Raider Active, regular attendees of events. Raiders have been in the guild for at least 1 month and have been to about 10 events.
  • Soldier Base rank for all RED members who live on Devona's Rest.
  • Dignitary Base rank for all RED members are not from Devona's Rest.
  • Ambassador Members from other guilds with which we have an alliance. Can rep RED as desired to join in our events. To become an ambassador, inquiry with any Officer.

Sometimes, you just need a new perspective on things.

WvW Retrospective
RED continues to be a stalwart in DR's WvW rise. The month of June saw a nice growth in member participation, with many new members coming out to guild and server events. If you want to learn more about how to play the game in the WvW setting, check the schedule for specific times for training/learning runs that include Q&A with our experienced commanders.

For those that are experienced and want to get much better as a fighting unit, check the RED, and Devona's Rest server site for options. We have plenty! Our continued rise will require first and foremost that RED continues to improve as a guild. Then as a guild, continuing to lead our growing number of new players, and smaller guilds. We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

Whether you are participating in WvW, PvE, or guild events, TeamSpeak is an invaluable tool. Our TS server is and we frequently use TS is basically required for most events - however you do NOT need a microphone. It is absolutely a blast to be coordinating with everyone. If you have any questions on how to download, install, or set up TeamSpeak, please post on the forums.

Inactive Members
We remove our inactive members periodically. To remain active, you need to sign in at least once every 6 weeks. This way you will not be considered inactive and removed from the roster. If you should happen to be removed for inactivity, and you have returned to playing again, you are always welcome back to RED. Simply contact an officer who will get you an invite back into the guild.

Have ideas?
Guildies - share ideas for what you’d like to see. Please reply to this post if there is anything RED can do for you!.

Need answers?
Please be aware when you post questions in guild chat and get no response that you are not being ignored. Some guildies might be deep in the bowels of a dungeon or subduing dragons and may not see your post. Officers may not be available due to babies, deadlines, relocations, stall mucking and hangovers. You can post your question in the forums, or you can send in-game mail to Prae Tor, or Talas Kaidan and we can route it to the proper person if need be.

Cuddle pile! RED is all about love, and loving, in our enemy's garrison.

Good hunting!
- Prae Tor, with contributions by Svidangit and special thanks for all participants to the screenshot contest.

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